Tofique Fatehi

Recreational Mathematics


Pythagorean Triplets

The Eleven Holes Puzzle

Dissection Of The Dodecahedron


Beyond the Mobius Strip
Re-published in the IEEE India News Letter, July 2011

Cubic Insanity - Psycho-analysis of the Rubik's Cube
Re-published in the IEEE India News Letter, June 2011

Magic Wheels
Also see the original Magic Wheels, November 1987, published in Science Today

Blue Moon

The Geometry of Stars


Many Volumes of the Sacred Law

Freemasonry in India
Presentation given on 12 June 2004 at Wilkerson College Lodge, Statesville, North Carolina

A Brief Introduction to The Swedish Rite of Freemasonry
Presentation given on 22 August 2006 at The Square and Compasses Lodge No. 7198 (English Constitution), Mumbai, as the first J. G.Bodhe Memorial Lecture

The Global Fraternal Network
Pages from the Global Fraternal Network Newsletters.

Mumbai Indian Freemason Visits Prince Hall Boston Lodge
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